A long hot day brings a cold dark night

Illumed by fear

On this road away from home

We’re walking starving to the bone

A trail of tears


There’s no end to what they’re taking, O God, have you forsaken?

Can you hear our cries?

Our eyes they fill with tears as the land we’ve built for years

Is tricked from our hands


They talk of Manifest

Of how they are blessed

While our children are dying

Hope is gone and withered like the dreams of our sister

The cause of our sighing


There’s nothing civilized about walking in a line

There’s nothing civilized in disregarding life             


Vultures in the sky, earth is bleeding now as we die

On a cursed road

Leading us to nowhere, far from all that we’d sown there

Across the river


If power writes the pages of stories through the ages

There’s another side to hear

Buried under rubble

There are still the ghosts who stumble

       On a trail of tears